Speaking Events
August 23, 2016: Traveling With A Purpose: Changing Careers, Changing Lives. World Affairs Council, San Francisco.   This is a video recording of a panel I participated in, aimed at business professionals who want to travel and volunteer, or work abroad, at the same time.  Other panelists included:

  • Britt-Marie Alm, Love Fest Fibers
  • Silke Knebel, Nonprofit Executive Consultant
  • Yingzhao Liu, International Design Director, LinkedIn
  • Moderator:  Brian Reyes, Founder and Principal, BAR Sustainability


Guest Blog Posts

Feb 2017:  The Founder of Lean Volunteer on What it Means to be a Socially Responsible Company, in Interconnected Strategy.  In this post I talk about how companies can become more socially responsible.   Aurora Meneghello is the principal of Interconnected Strategy, a marketing firm for socially responsible businesses.

Oct 2016:  Travel the World as a Lean Volunteer and Connect To Your Sacred.  Wrote this as a thought piece about the spiritual value of volunteering abroad.  Larry Frank runs the NP Journal: a Journal for Experimenting With Ideas.