How many of these questions do you answer YES! to?

  • You’re a business professional who has learned how to do one or more things pretty well.
  • You want to travel abroad for awhile, to discover the world, and maybe shake up your career a bit.
  • You want to make a difference in this world, by leveraging your expertise in lower income communities.
  • While you travel, you also want to get under the “tourist layer” of Western hotels, ex pat tour guides, and congested tourist areas.   You want to immerse yourself in a local culture, learn how others live, and make some new fascinating friends doing it.
  • Maybe you’d like to enrich your leadership skills by working in radically different environments.
  • And…you want to have this amazing adventure in a way that won’t cost an arm and a leg.

If any of this describes you, then join us!   We’re a group of business professionals who donate our expertise to build the ability of small social enterprises (both non-profits and social for-profits) around the world, in return for an experience that no tourist agency can provide.

In 2014-2015 I took a year long tour around the world, 28 countries, and did pro bono business consulting for 7 non profits in 7 countries, all different kinds of projects.  The experiences were profoundly satisfying!  Small social enterprises NEED your business skills, they simply don’t have access to them.  And, set up properly, they will welcome you with lodging, local connections, friendships and the opportunity for you, alone, to have a big impact on the communities they serve.

Our community is dedicated to making that happen for you.  We will, together, gain and share the knowledge and resources you need to connect with important social enterprises around the world, in order to give you an adventure of a lifetime, and to give communities living in poverty a chance to live with more dignity.  We’re just getting started, so join us to stay informed as we launch this service.  (Your name and address will NOT be given or loaned to anyone or any organization other than us.)